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Howard Industries, Inc. is a leader in the custom chemical processing industry. Howard's sales, customer support, and manufacturing teams combine to offer a full range of specialty processing including fine milling, blending, drying, classification, and packaging as well as many other processes. We strive to offer value added services in an efficient and responsive manner, while observing strict environmental and GMP protocol. Engineering excellence, innovation, processing artistry and exceptional work ethic have enabled Howard Industries, Inc. to serve our customers for 42 years. Our primary strength in the toll house industry is our innovation; innovation in applying engineering systems unique to our industry partners’ material processing needs. We work to optimize the production efficiency and value of materials we manufacture for industry partners.

We understand speed is vital to our customer’s success. In addition to our core capabilities as a quality toll house, Howard Industries, Inc. works with you to create a quality custom engineering process that moves your materials to market faster. Howard Industries, Inc. has extensive experience in process development for new products and in the scale up of production volumes for early commercialization and market development. Project managers and engineers are available to provide consultation services to our clients. Howard Industries, Inc. also offers complete turn-key services.

We look forward to proving we will be the most innovative, reliable and cost effective out-sourcing industry partner you will ever work with. Enclosed, please find our equipment and corporate brochures. We have made additional equipment acquisitions not represented in our brochures, including cryogenic jet mills. As always, we are willing to acquire equipment to meet client production specifications.